Software & App


Design features

onesoft is a software platform developed and designed by Onesitu to manage in real time information collected by our intelligent sensors and our various connected tools.

onesoft tools are connected to the cloud. As the core component of our solution, onesoft manages the interconnectivity of all the elements which make up the system via the cloud, while processing and archiving large volumes of data. It supports all the latest technology: Big Data, Cloud and Real Time Processing, combined with a modular, extensible and open architecture.

onesoft includes instant display, data management and storage tools, as well as various mobile applications.

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This monitoring software developed by Onesitu gives instant access to all car park-related data from any connected device. Sign in to your admin portal on our platform and it’s all there for you.
Monitor your car park in real time with live view and track your statistics with advanced dashboards and integrated charts and data.
All your car park statistics are stored to our servers with no limit of time and can be accessed at any time.
You can extract and analyze your statistics with just one click.

oneadmin is a multi-function platform which allows car park configuration upon deployment and remote maintenance capabilities: all configuration data from connected objects (sensors, hubs, displays) can be accessed and updated at any time.

Design features

  • Configure project and site deployment
  • Geolocalize, activate and calibrate the various elements (sensors, hubs, displays)
  • Control and monitor elements and communications
  • Manage battery life (sensors, solar kits)
  • Visualize information collected by the sensors, hubs, display panels and solar kits

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onesoft offers several mobile applications to meet our customers’ needs.
These web apps can be used on any smartphones. No installation required, just add the web shortcuts to your home screen.
Our consumer mobile web app enables users to view car park availability consistently, with information by zone, story and type (e.g. reduced mobility, family, reserved)

For smart cities, a web app dedicated to ASVPs (police officers) enable them to optimize control of the parking spaces which are equipped with our solution.