Car park managment solution

Choose onesitu’s Software & App solution to manage parking

Real-time visualization of your car park’s activity :
occupancy rates, average parking times, number of parked vehicles, identification of long-stay parkers

Supervision & Statistics

gain a better understanding of driver behaviour and circulation

  • Manage and analyse by level, zone, segment and individual spaces
  • Manage & analyse occupancy rates
  • Manage & analyse turnover rates
  • Manage exploitation and maintenance
  • Manage battery level of sensors and solar powered kits

Accessibility - Data security - High availability

  • Solution accessible via a specific web-based portal (SaaS mode)
  • Cloud offer (secure hosting provided by a specialist)
  • Guaranteed availability of infrastructure
  • User profile management for authorizations and rights

Smartphone applications

Numerous functionnalities which let your drivers connect to your parking spaces :

  • Available spaces in real time
  • Buy virtual parking tickets
  • Client account, past parking activity
  • On-line reservation