Dynamic Drive Offer

Onesitu by Circet's dynamic drive solution allows you to guide your customers and streamline access to the drive lanes of your structures.

Onesitu dynamic drive offer aims to allow you to guide your customers on your drive's tracks. It meets several needs: directing drivers to locations with little or no visibility, defining the track to which you want to direct the customer, for example for specific collections, indicating to the latter which is the closest available track, etc.


  • Retain your customers and gain new customers
  • Guide users to priority and / or free tracks
  • Optimize the flow of goods from the warehouse to the safe
  • Reduce track processing time
  • Streamline incoming flows and peak traffic
  • Reduce congestion and CO2 emissions


  • Filling rate

    Optimize the filling rate of your connected car park
  • Occupancy rate

    Measure the occupancy rate of your car park in real time
  • Queue management

    Inform your customers of the average wait time in real time